Z-Wave Certified Alliance Member:

IoTane is a proud member of the Z-Wave Alliance.  Z-Wave is ideal for any Smarthome system.  With the technology advancing at an exponential rate and so many new products coming out every day there needs to be some constant factor that guarantees your devices will all communicate efficiently with your IoTane Brain.  To assure this interoperability, each Z-Wave product must pass a stringent conformance test to assure that it meets the Z-Wave standard for complete compliance with all other devices and controls. The Z-Wave identity mark assures consumers, integrators, dealers and manufacturers that their products will reliably perform with any other Z-Wave device.

Z-Wave products and applications fall into every conceivable area of control and monitoring for residential and light commercial environments. They are powering revolutions in home safety and security, healthcare and independent aging, hospitality and real estate management and energy conservation. Z-Wave is at the forefront of green energy management technologies, allowing automated meter readings and enhanced demand management.  See what and why below: