Accessible Knowledge of Technology Assets and Infrastructure Saved University Significant Money and Labor, Cutting New Construction Projects Time-to-Completion


Business Challenge

A major Top 100 private teaching and research university was challenged in maintaining accurate records of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure. A dynamic surge of building projects exacerbated the issue, costing IT staff hundreds of hours:

  • locating existing fiber and other cabling
  • researching and mapping utilities for dig permits
  • calculating requirements and capacities for wired and wireless services
  • and isolating what assets belonged to which department and who had authority and responsibility.

There was no centralized database. Staff and contractors dealt with multiple inventories and confusion as to what assets were on site, who maintained those assets and how those assets were performing. 


IoTane, a leading IOT Solutions Company, developed an integrated asset tracking and infrastructure mapping platform that organized data and accelerated planning for construction and moves. The application:

  • created a centralized repository for technology assets with details on location and responsible parties
  • included the history of each asset from purchase to deployment to maintenance to end-of-use with service contracts and manufacturer warranty and documentation
  • presented alarms for security updates and end of warranties and contracts
  • mapped and described all infrastructure—manholes, fiber routes, access points.


Since implementation, the university can manage all assets under a single centralized database, drilling down to

  • views of each asset’s location, history and ownership
  • depreciation schedules
  • service history and problem resolution
  • vendor and contractor performance
  • location and capacity of fiber and other resources.

The school estimates that it has saved more than 100 man-hours per month, reduced construction time-to-completion, all but eliminated cable damage and service outages, and saved hundreds of thousands per year maintaining assets rather than buying new.

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