Business Challenge

A fast-growing US-based retail chain had organized purchasing technology assets for new stores into a series of floorplans but found themselves reinventing the wheel with purchase orders using a variety of regional vendors and contractors.


IoTane, a leading IOT Solutions Company, had worked with one of the retailer’s vendors, a value-added reseller with a global presence, through relationship with a large tech distributor. With IoTane’s help, the VAR would provide asset purchasing, tracking and management to their customers as a service, and their distributor would preconfigure, bundle and fulfill new orders. The arrangement:

  • automated what were essentially cookie-cutter purchases and deployment
  • tracked each acquisition’s origin, installation, documents and service records into a central data repository
  • alerted both the VAR and the customer on the expiration of warranties and service contracts, firmware, software and security updates, and manufacturer end-of-support


The tech distributor benefited from increased loyalty from the VAR by providing unique services. The VAR benefited from visibility into the customer buying process and selling opportunities suggested by tighter management of product lifecycle. The retailer saved time and money by consolidating purchasing under the one VAR that understood their business and delivered services they couldn’t get anywhere else. The system:

  • reduced new store provisioning time by 80%
  • automated the RMA process for existing stores
  • kept equipment productive, current and secure, preventing outages and new purchases
  • simplified budgeting and accounting through pricing and service contracts

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