Get More Value and Lower Cost of Ownership Throughout the Lifecycle of Your Technology Assets

 IoTane is a collaborative venture of companies with complementary expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, and IoT integration. We’re available for short-term projects or as a full-time partner responsible for the who, what, and where and daily performance of your connected technology.

We tailor services to meet your specific needs with each function—consulting, integration, monitoring, etc. available on an a la carte basis.

IoT Strategy Development, Design and Execution

We work with your organization to develop plans based on your specific connected network goals, customizing IoT visibility and controls to fit your requirements.

Supply Chain Management and Procurement

We act as approved vendor for assets that require lifecycle management and refresh, providing pre-configured and ready-to-use technology according to your specs. We arrange shipment, warehousing, and reverse logistics as needed, giving you full visibility at every step.

Asset Installation, Monitoring, Support, and Maintenance

We provide services ranging from pre-configuration and integration to project management, onsite services, monitoring and maintenance, storage and refurbishment, and managing obsolescent equipment out of service.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking Throughout each Asset’s Lifecycle

Our software platform will keep every detail on every piece of equipment at your fingertips. You’ll have purchase details, contracts, warranties, manuals, product bulletins, and updates in one searchable library. You’ll be alerted when maintenance is due, when a battery is expiring, when a firmware update is needed, and when the product is nearing manufacturer end-of -life.

We can also map your cabling infrastructure so that you know available capacity at each location.

Management Dashboards to See, Control and Analyze Assets’ Performance, Location and Other Relevant Data

You’ll get a comprehensive picture of all active equipment with drill-down capabilities to each asset’s location, status, and usage logs, and, where possible, operate that equipment remotely.

Predictive and Applied Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

Information collected from individual assets creates a comprehensive picture of operations and rich data that can be parsed and analyzed to identify opportunities for improved efficiency. Custom reports can suggest process improvements and compare and evaluate equipment. Your organization can become proactive and forward looking, anticipating outcomes and behaviors based upon the data and not on a hunch or assumptions.

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