A home security system can be complicated but is a crucial component to your Smarthome.  IoTane sets it up simply so that you can feel safe in or away from your home.  Other home security companies are not only expensive but also statistically unreliable and proven ineffective time and time again.  

IoT cameras, video door bells, window and door sensors can all be monitored at any time from anywhere using only your smartphone or tablet.  If someone comes to your door, you can get a snapshot of their face.  If your window is opened an alarm will sound and you and the local authorities will immediately be notified.  Not only will this deter would-be thieves, but also if you forget to lock your door or close the garage you will be notified and able to do so from afar.  

With IoTane Smarthome security devices you can be confident, from any location that your home is secure at all times.

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