Clean & Convenient Solution

Looking for a home that works for you and your family rather than you working for it? The Clean and Convenient package offers just the beginning of what we can do to make your life a little bit neater.

Imagine driveway lights illuminating as your vehicle pulls into the drive way. Your garage door will recognize that you are home and welcome you by opening and turning on lights just the way you like them.

Once you set your preferences, your home will be vacuumed before you get there and the ambiance will be a pleasing environment to enter. Options are endless. This package is just a beginning that will have you wondering what is coming out next.

Clean & Convenient Solution Includes:

  • IoTane Core*
  • 5 Smart Switches
  • 2 Smart Door Locks
  • Video Doorbell*
  • Vacuum
  • 2 Multi Sensors
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Driveway lights
  • Professional Installation

*optional upgrade available

Safety & Security
Enterainment & Energy