Seniors can benefit from IoTane solutions in numerous ways with the freedom of convenience.  Operate your Smarthome systems with the sheer simplicity of your voice.  Easily secure your home at night from the comfort of your own bed.  See who’s at the front door without getting off of the couch.  Maintain your home’s energy efficiency so you can spend the nest egg on things that you truly enjoy.  Set reminders and events so you are notified and don’t miss out on the grand kids’ big day.  An IoTane Smarthome can keep you in your home longer with monitoring systems and easy access to emergency services.  Smarthomes can be complicated and overwhelming.  Contact us today and we’ll make it simple for you to move into the future.  We’ll spend the necessary time to make sure that you have the most practical solution for you and your loved ones.  Spend your golden years on what really matters and let IoTane take care of the rest.

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