The Rapid Proliferation of Internet-Connected Devices Creates Massive Opportunities and Daunting Adoption Projects. IoTane Can Get You There.

IoTane helps campus-based and multi-location organizations (health care providers, school districts, higher education, local government and similar enterprises) shape their future by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). We consult with customers to design, install, deploy and manage web-enabled assets.

IoTane designs and implements solutions that take advantage of the benefits of IoT while reducing the risks in technology. You’ve never had this level of visibility and control of your assets.

IoT strategy development, design and execution.
Comprehensive supply chain management and procurement for tech assets
Asset testing, installation, integration and project management
Constant monitoring, support and maintenance
Comprehensive asset tracking throughout each asset’s lifecycle
Management dashboards to see, control and analyze assets’ performance, location and other relevant data

These Are Our Solution Partners

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